Kicking the Tires on my RSS Reader-ish application

I’ve been kicking the tires around on my RSS-ish reader app I’ve wanted to build for a while. I’ve been really getting into discovery, aggregation, and big data related technologies and tools over the last few months and I think I can build a rock solid application to build a cool product. I’m not sure if it will scale well, but I think it’s something cool I can build for myself that I can share with people at Hacker News and make some connections and gather decent feedback.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a minimally viable product up and running 14 days after I begin working on it. The problem is that I haven’t worked on this at all. I hope to change that when I get back from another wedding trip home this weekend. Hopefully, this application can help bring a spark back into my software developing passion that I am watching slowly drift away since I started working full time at a financial company.

I miss the feeling of having a project that keeps you up at night. The casual nights I’ve experienced over the past few months have been a welcome change of pace, but I am not accustomed to this feeling. I like working on a project that I am so passionate about that it keeps me up at night and occupies most of my thoughts. Hopefully, this reader-ish app will become that project for me.

A New Blogging Direction

For years, I’ve been blogging on various websites here and there while promoting individual projects. I have decided that I want to combine all my blogging efforts to and use this blog not as a platform to remember my personal achievements, but to also share and refine my ideas and thoughts about various software, entrepreneur, political, and random life thoughts.

Benjamin Franklin Quote.

Well Done is Better Than Well Said.  -Ben Franklin

Coming from the tech world, this is my favorite quote. Many people talk about doing things, the people I admire are the ones who actually do things. They are the people who actually build things. Kevin Rose is getting flack for Digg selling at such a low valuation today. Kevin Rose gets things done. He builds things. He built Digg. He should be respected, and not ridiculed. This is especially true since the people doing the ridiculing have never built a thing in their lives.

Easy Unsubscriber & Where I’ve Been in the past 2 years

I never blog here, so I might as well update you on the past few years of my life.

1.)  I now run a company called  it’s awesome.   Eric Ries is the other cofounder.  You should check it out.

2.)  I coblog on a website called with a few amazing people.  Mariya Yao from Bloomsie, Brian Wang from Fitocracy, and Gary Reloj from OMG Foodie

3.)  I live in Boston, MA with my girlfriend, Lara.  I thought it’d be much different from New Brunswick, NJ… but it’s not.  Just larger and with better restaurants.

4.)  I have completely recovered from my Rugby Concussions.

5.)  I’m still in New York and New Jersey on occasion.

6.)  My life’s pretty awesome, and I am extremely humbled by the circumstances that have allowed me to live my life the way I do.  I have 100% freedom, I make my own hours, and I can move anywhere in the world in a heartbeat… as long as there is an internet connection.

7.)  I love coffee.

8.)  Technically, I am the CTO at Lostlettermen and RankingClimber

9.)  I helped the guys at build their Minimum Viable Product.

10.)  I started Tweeting

11.)  I built

12.)  I built The Lean Thingy

13.)  I started two companies that are now in Startup Heaven - and

14.)  I was in the Boston Herald

15.)  I built ManTrophy at Startup Weekend New York

16.)  I built a Facebook Application called Shallow Dating at Tech Crunch Disrupt.  There’s a video of our demo floating around somewhere online.

17.)  I co-curate the Boston edition of the Startup Digest

18.)  I wake up after 10am almost every day.

I also do freelance software development on occasion.

Holding my Laptop
Holding my Laptop

The Order of the Diamond Circle


This past weekend, I had the honor of accepting a seat in the Order of the Diamond Circle at the Phi Sigma Kappa convention in Boston, Massachusetts.  The award is given to the most distinguished undergraduates in the national fraternity.  It was truly humbling to accept this award.  Thank you to everyone who had a helping hand me winning this award.

The convention weekend was a huge success.  From the cruise around Boston Harbor to the sights of downtown Boston, the convention was well planned and exciting.  The Phi Sigma Kappa Headquarters Staff deserve much praise for their hard work in setting up this historic event.

Getting Stimulated with Andrew Pek

I recently met Andrew Pek at a Product Development and Management Association meeting.  Andrew is a very entertaining man with passions ranging anywhere from the musical styles of Led Zeppelin to helping companies become more creative and innovative.  Andrew’s presentation helped give everyone in attendance ideas on how to become more creative at work and at home.  I received a copy of his new book, Stimulated!, and I know the book will help me explore my creative side and I will have a few more business units up and running before the end of the year.

Robert M. Cavezza and Andrew Pek

Robert M. Cavezza and Andrew Pek

Distinguished Man of the Year Finalist Photo

I recently found a photo from this year’s Distinguished Man of the Year Competition at Rutgers University.  All of the finalists were honored at halftime of the UConn/Rutgers Football game homecoming weekend of Fall 2008.

Rutgers Distinguished Man of the Year Photo 2008

Rutgers Distinguished Man of the Year Photo 2008

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